Dentistry for Children

Dr. Sander and his team at Parkwood Dental Associates welcomes children and adolescents. A family-friendly practice, we provide preventative maintenance and elective dental care services to children as young as age one. In fact, we find children are better patients when they come with their parents as a family, even as toddlers, and encourage our patients to bring their kids with them to their appointments. Experiencing dentistry as a family reinforces it as a healthy part of whole life health.

It’s important that children have a positive experience in our dental office and that they feel comfortable and safe. For most kids, dental fear is fear of the unknown. Our team focuses on giving them control through a sense of ease and a relaxed atmosphere. Our pediatric hygiene treatments are structured specifically for kids, with shortened appointments and visits to the toy box. While we treat children as young as one, we find a practical hygiene program begins at three years old.

Proper fluoridation is essential in preventing tooth decay. We believe in fluoride as a proven preventative treatment, and advise that children 13 years and younger take particular care in getting adequate fluoride.


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