The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education

The Pankey Institute was founded in 1969 as a nonprofit educational center for dentists seeking to advance their working knowledge and understanding of optimal dental care. The mission of the Pankey Institute is to improve the health and well-being of the world’s citizens by helping dentists achieve professional excellence and fulfillment.

Pankey-trained dentists lead their dental care teams to:

  • Treat each patient as an individual with unique needs, conditions and desires
  • Treat each patient as a responsible partner in helping the dental team understand his or her unique oral health situation and achieving best results.
  • Inform patients about the optimal oral health and esthetics available to them, and about treatment options that will help them achieve long-lasting, predictable results.
  • Support patients in making appropriate decisions for themselves, and offer exceptionally well-planned solutions that will allow them to have fine dentistry in phases over time.

What does a Pankey-trained dentist mean to you as a patient?

  • Personalized care to meet your needs;
  • A caring attitude;
  • Complete examinations and treatment that take into account all components of your mouth and their functioning interrelationships. A Pankey-trained dentist may perform a more thorough clinical examination than the cursory check-up you may have come to expect;
  • Your dentist will ask questions to better understand your oral health;
  • He will eliminate both physical and emotional discomfort that you may be experiencing;
  • He will bring you to a level of health, comfort and appearance you may have never before experienced.


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The Pankey Institute